Understanding my needs?

Nope. Not there. Just look at one of the posts from earlier tonight. The question “what does it take to motivate me?” is all over the place. I see what I want, but I don’t see what it’s going to take to get there. I’m the kind of guy who has been comfortable only with knowing the whole plan from the beginning, and it was always nice if that plan was short, sweet, easy, and even didn’t totally depend on my “sticking with it.”

You know, now that I think about it, maybe I do understand my needs.

  • I need something / someone to motivate me.
  • I need something to get me through the “post-hump-day” that comes after you see the light but before you walk out of the dark. The part where you’re working you’re ass off, where you’re tired, where you fight the occasional day of failure or boredom or rabbit trails and feel like throwing in the towel. (this goes back to the first one, I guess)
  • I need someone(s) to believe in me. Someone(s) who’s opinion matter and who are willing to step into my life and take a risk on me.
  • I need to believe in myself.
  • I need to know these needs are being met.
  • I need to know this every day.

Affirmations have helped me much, but I don’t have many, and they aren’t written down as they should/could be. The same goes for goal planning. It works, but it’s scary to know that you’ve made a plan, and that now the only thing holding you back… is you… I want to “let the plan rule” instead of just winging it every day. I really want that.

I think a part I’m missing is that going ther with someone. Yes, my wife is there. She’s huge. She’s a bigger part than she’s ever been before. I can bounce anything off her, and even get great advice from her. But it’s not her role to walk this role with me right now. We have a family, that’s much of what takes up her life. It’s not her life’s dream to be consulting with companies, to be mentoring youth, to be doing all these things that are “my things.” She fits into many of them in her own way. So that brings me to these questions:

  • Do I need someone with the same desires and passions?
  • Do I need someone who will share my dreams and goals, or that has similar ones?
  • Do I need someone who will build into me, even if that also means I must also build into them?
  • WHO IS IT that I need?

DUH! Ugh. I hate it when these things hit me upside the head. If you go back to my tournament of wants championship round, you’ll see this “establish a mentor relationship with Steve Pierce” thing right there in big black letters. Look at this:

  • The man is full of wisdom. He is a pastor I admire.
  • He has a doctorate in leadership
  • He has experience in business ventures.
  • The guy has answered YES when I asked him to mentor me.
  • He’s offered to share business insights with me.

Start here Chet. Just do it.

You know what’s holding me back? I do. I know  exactly what it is. It involves a piece of paper, a few words, a signature, and a delivery. That will release me from the bond I’ve tied myself up with. It honestly probably doesn’t even need to be holding me back, but I’m letting it, and I’ve told myself I’m not pursuing this till I take care of this “deal” that needs to be dealt with. Ugh.

Ok fine. I’ll get it delivered this week. It’s going on the calendar for Tuesday.