I was doing a little thinking about goals and the QBQ’s last night. Yeah, I’d like to built flexibility, lose 50 pounds, and gain some strength, but WHAT FOR? Yes, I’d like the results that come from that to help me compete in some sort of horse/cow event (really Chet… really?), but WHY DOES THAT MATTER? Yeah, this type of event matters because it also involves tons of time with activities my family loves and the farm routines that are part of my real life, but WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?

In my head, I settled on something small. I want to believe in myself, and prove it.

Today I ran across an old blog post from almost 6 years ago when I first set foot in a CrossFit gym. I had that same feeling. I found much of it there, and was reaffirmed that accountability is more about community and camaraderie than having someone make sure you show up each day.

This week between Christmas and New Year’s is a time I get a little reflective and visionary in my personal life, and as I look at where I’m at, I’m both pleased and challenged (both optimistically and frustratingly, to be honest).

I think it’s time for another watching of Into the Wild as well.