Don’t let the work around the edges pull you from the core of what you were made to do.

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Sales Points Recap – August 23, 2013

Sales Points Recap for this week. The goal for the week is 12 points, Saturday – Friday, with no more than 4 points a day. 1 point for a referral 2 points for a scheduled meeting 3 points for an actual meeting 4 points for a closed sale. Let’s see how I...

The art of living is more wrestling than dancing.

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The silent intervention of God

The thing I love about the book of Esther is that even though God’s name is never mentioned, His intervention and care for his people is impossible to ignore. If you were one if the characters in the story, living it from the inside, you might have a hard time...

It is important in life not to be strong, but to feel strong, to measure yourself at least once. If you want something in life, reach out and grab it.

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