It’s Friday. What a week it has been. We spent a large amount of time onboarding [redact]MIT Consulting[/redact] this week, and it’s been a blur of a week. As I’ve come out of meetings throughout the week or poked my head out of the office, I’ve seen others on my team meeting in the conference room, huddled around a desk, or even walking out the door to grab a bite to eat together. I’ve also seen others on my team taking the lead in projects they are responsible for, engaging with clients in productive manners, and working together on projects they could probably handle on their own if they had to. THIS is the cohesive teamwork that we have.

Why the uptick? Is it because we reviewed the strategic plan together? Got on the same page again and saw where we are and where we’re going? Is it from fresh life from Ryan, our new biz-dev guy? Is it me, being pulled out of some of the day to day and forcing it to happen?

Regardless of where it’s coming from, it’s happening, and I’m pleased.

On the flip side, new teamwork opportunities make new teamwork challenges. It means more “opportunities” (necessities) to come to consensus or agreement, or at least to move on decisively after a decision has been made.