On the way home with the family today when the truck next to us desides to start coming over into our lane. We’re right probably 20 feet up from his rear end, and the same from the front, so there was no where to go. So we honk at him… and he keeps on coming. Ran me all the way off the road into the median and almost into the “fence” made of massive steel cable that does the nice job of keeping cars from running headlong into oncoming traffic… or help keep an SUV smashed against the side of an oblivious semi. Still honking (and I think Erin was yelling at him?), and he keeps on coming. We’re running over trash, flying through the grass, not quite bottoming out or scraping the cables. Finally get slowed down a bit without losing control and get behind him.

Yeah, he never saw us. Didn’t have a CLUE. So I get in front of him, arm out, and wave him over to the shoulder. Get out, and go over to see what the hell the guy was trying to do. “Did you see the family of four you just about killed,” I ask him? Totally oblivious. “Yeah, right back there, about half a mile, you drove me totally off the left side of the road all the way into the grass and didn’t even slow down.” He literally starts shaking. I don’t know if he didn’t check his mirror, I don’t know if he was busy yacking on his CB or texting, but he definitely “got it.” I didn’t feel the need to yell at him, partly cause that’s not me, but also because he totally got it. Yeah, that was our closest to death experience in a while, but we’re safe, and accidents happen. He won’t go there now. Too struck by what he about did, running a car loaded with a family, a 4 month old girl, and a 4 year old boy, into the median going 70+ miles an hour.

So I got his info. And his company info. Shook his hand, told him to drive safe, and got back in the car. Had Erin get his license plate. Started talking about calling his company and just “letting them know” about the wonderful drivers they hire. And that’s when Erin reminded me, “he’ll probably lose his job.”

That’s when it hit me. I don’t need to file a complaint. I didn’t get mad there, I don’t need a sense of fulfillment by complaining (which is all it would really get ME). The guy was sincerely terrified. So instead…

…I’m going to write him a letter. Don’t kinow what about yet exactly, but something about a near death experience, and about how I’m glad I didn’t die, but I’m also confident if I did, all would be well. And that I saw that fear in his eyes, and that I forgive him. He doesn’t know me from anyone, and I may never see him again (although I did find him on Facebook). But I’ll let it go. And if he’s got stuff in his life, there’s a God who will not only forgive him, but also accept him, love him, and give him a life worth much more than we can ever earn.

I don’t have a clue what I’ll write. It probably won’t be much. Maybe I’ll just include a tract or something. But I’m going to show a little grace. Because I’ve been shown plenty.