Went for another walk in the dark tonight. These are such good times. So much of life is non-stop. It has been good to start getting out in the dark, quiet, cold air.

Spent the whole day doing on-site service for a long term client; didn’t quite get everything done, but nothing was broken at the end of the day. Several steps closer to completion, which will mean less hassle for us to maintain old equipment and less cost / more uptime for my client and their team.

Took some time to reflect on how much I love to CREATE. All through my life this has been there. Drawing… Wanting to be an architect… Going to school to take God’s Word and Offer to places it’s never been in means it’s never been taken… Writing Software… Designing and creating databases… Helping someone else start a new business… Wanting to help plant a church… Wanting to write a book… Starting my own business.

This also lends me perspective to those places that are tough for me – the long haul, the maintenance, the idea that someone else might not like my great idea as much as me. Just because these don’t invigorate me like creating something new doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge part of my life. But it also doesn’t mean I have to lose what I do love. I need to find ways to keep that alive, because it keeps ME alive.

I have a friend who likens my perspective on software design to that of a music artist. There’s beauty in those lines of code. You might not get it, but I do. In the organization. The orchestration. The flow. The cleanliness yet completeness.

I love it.