We’re having a Sunday School “commissioning” service this Sunday at church as we launch into a new year of reaching, teaching, and ministering to our community. As part of this we’re going to bring all the leaders, teachers, and helpers up front, both to be recognized, but more importantly, to be visibly “set apart’ by our church to do the work God has called them to. These 35+ people in our church touch lives in ways no other single person could, and I love them all.

We’re coming up with a bulletin insert talking about the importance of “commissioning” and a little “responsive reading” to get everyone involved in the service, and I thought I’d post the reading here:

Pastor: Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” (Matthew 28:19)

SS Workers: We will make disciples, and we will be disciples.

Pastor: Whatever your assignment may be –  leader, teacher, or helper – your ministry is important to our Sunday School.

SS Workers: We believe that we are guides for the blind, and lights for people lost in darkness. We will do our part. (Romans 2:19)

Pastor: No ministry can function with leaders alone. We must ALL participate.

Congregation: We will support our Sunday School workers. We will faithfully and regularly pray for them. Lead us. Equip us.

Adults in Congregation: Create opportunities for us to reach, teach, and minister. We will follow you.

Children and Youth: Teach us truth. Help us learn to follow the Lord.

Pastor: Many barriers could keep you from your work. Fear. Busyness. Distraction. But we believe in you, and trust in the Lord, because with God, all things are possible. (1 Corinthians 10:13, Matthew 19:26)

SS Workers: With God, all things are possible.

Congregation: With God, all things are possible.

Everyone: With God, all things are possible. Amen.