Well for starters… www.gazelles.com is a great source of downloadable forms to walk you through what can seem like an elephant sized project… and remember – How do you eat an elephant?

One. Bite. At. A. Time.

“A Vision is a Dream with a Plan.”

“Nothing ever gets done in any organization until it shows up on somebody’s weekly To Do list – and I do mean weekly! Quit thinking in monthly increments and drive all measurements, deadlines, and deliverables down to weekly increments. It may be painful in the doing, but it needs to be done.”

Being responsible and being accountable are two different things. Many people can be responsible to see a task completed, but the accountabilty can only fall on the shoulders of one. This is the person who gives VOICE to the task or goal.

Resist the temptation to revise or wordsmith. The point is not exact wording, but using a single sheet of paper to say it all for your cmopany, no matter how imperfect. You need something that can be used daily to help the company reach it’s potential.

“You must remember that this process is 1 percent vision and 99 percent alignment. The lion’s share of your effort must go not into meeting, talking, and wordsmithing, but toward getting your people aligned to do what needs to be done.”