I’ve spent the last several weeks doing some research over some new avenues I’d like to explore with my company. Well travelled roads that I’ve travelled with some long term clients, that I have long believed have a place in “the market.” I’ve been encouraged as I’ve done so, because not only have I heard “I think that idea would work” from every person I’ve spoken to, I’ve also seen the “buy in” in their eyes as they start dreaming along with me. Niches it could fit into. Opportunities it could create. Small changes here or there that would make a huge difference in it the value of the product we have to offer.

So today I sat down with a whiteboard and started compiling my notes. Started dreaming “on paper.” It’s both enjoyable and invigorating to see an idea beginning to develop, a plan beginning to emerge, and “the next step” beginning to make itself known.

I have much to owe to the men who have taken time over the last month to sit down with me and work through both details and big ideas of this concept. They’ve helped me see that now is the time to get moving, and that this is something that I don’t necessarily have to “perfect” before I take it to market. In fact, perfecting it in the market is going to be a huge piece of what we have to offer because it will allow our customers to have a big say in the final product, even though the core components already in place, either in code or in concept.

So what is that “next step?” I think it’s a few more days of doodling, whiteboarding, and connecting some dots to the design of the system. To start drawing out some core components and identifying places of value, based on the conversations I have had with industry insiders such as Jerry H., Bryan H., and even John H. (Funny, they all have the same last initial.) I’ve got some people interested in helping with this project, both in the design, the initial development, and possibly, even the monetary investment / funding. There is much to do, much to learn, and much to risk. But the rewards – by no means primarily simply “money” – are great. Doing what I love. Working for people and organizations that I can truly enhance. Building a future that is both exciting, flexible, and somewhat stable.

Did I mention doing what I love? Achieving things I dream about, big and small?

The sales things I’ve been learning about over the past 2-3 months are hitting home in big ways, giving me confidence that “I can do this.” While I’m sure I’m nervous, I am not afraid. Even though I may fail, I will succeed. The battle, if I can call it that, is long. But I am committed to fighting it through the end, enlisting others to fight it with me (and for me in some cases), and coming out… champions.