Today I was led in prayer by Brian Hardin of the Daily Audio Bible. His words became mine. I wanted to get it written down to come back to; they are so true.

From September 4, 2012‘s Daily Audio Bible (thanks Tamarie!):

God, I thank you today for your Word. It’s something we’re grateful for every day. It is something that we feast upon every day. It is the nourishment for our souls each and every day, but I am profoundly grateful for the community of the Daily Audio Bible as well. I am profoundly grateful that this isn’t some solitary endeavor that we embark on each and every day, trying to make it work by ourselves. That is not how you made us. …

That you are personal and that you have individual time to spend with each one of us, but you are vast and you are so vast that you encompass us each. You come to us where we are. The love that you have for us is more profound than we can understand. So we throw our hands up in surrender and worship. We fall to our knees overwhelmed with your patience for us. We bow our heads to the ground in reverence and awe and yet we walk boldly into your presence through the sacrifice of your son Jesus for our sake. This is a love that is beyond any description. No amount of poetry or hymn, no articulation of the tongue, nothing we can do comes close to describing your majesty.

We love you. We offer ourselves to you. That is so little and yet that is what we have and you think that is amazing. That we come to you willingly and that you adopt us into your family and that you give us your name and that you ask us to be your ambassadors and you entrust the kingdom’s coming to us, it’s profound. So Holy Spirit, we ask that you allow the weightiness of that to descend upon us, that you have entrusted into our hands, care and keep of spreading the good news, of bringing the kingdom. We take that charge and we bring it into the world we live in. That begins in our hearts and spreads to the lives of our spouses and children, into the communities that we live in, the places that we work, the churches that we attend, our neighborhoods, our cities. Help us, God, to never lose sight of what is really going on, that it isn’t just about our own personal struggle, that it is the struggle to reclaim and restore this world for your glory and your fame so that we welcome King Jesus. Help us, Holy Spirit, to understand the weightiness and the profound trust that you have placed in our lives. May we rise into it.

In the name of our Savior, the Risen Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. We pray this in His name. Amen.