“The flower falls and the grass fades away, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.” (something like that)

God, I want my life to MATTER. I want TODAY to matter. Is that selfish of me?

You are the maker of all things, the master of the universe, the designer of DNA… and yet I find it so easy to wake up in the morning focused on myself… my success, my purpose, my lack of sleep, or my need for coffee.

Re-center me on Jesus today. Remove me from the equation. Solo Gloria Deo.

Does just saying that make it happen? Of course not. What DOES, then? How DO I put the focus back on you and take it off my own joy, misery, busyness, and rest?

Perhaps I’m somewhat like Sampson. Destined to bring you praise, but living futility in my own strength. Glory eventually did come to you, Father, but not until he was literally removed from the equation. I choose to give you my life. Make me a living sacrifice. I want my days to LIVE for you (although I’d be fine with dying for you, too).

I am compelled to come to you. Walk with me. Help me. Strengthen me.

Right here and now, as my friend walks in the door. Let us give LIFE to each other, not death. HOPE, not misery. CLARITY, not just more disillusionment.