This is an idea that is blossoming in my heart. It has been developing for quite a while, but is beginning to turn into concrete concepts. I wonder where this will go.

The idea is simply to get some kids – youth – boys, probably – and get away. Not just to talk about God but to learn about trust, to learn about confidence, to learn about adventure. That’s been the idea for a while, but now it’s getting a little more clear where it might fit in my life.

3-4 teen boys
2-3 adult men
1 pickup truck
1 horse trailer
2-3 horses
1 primitive campground

start by prepping, cleaning, and loading up everything. Do some hard work. Then hit the road as a group, a pickup full of guys, pulling a 10,000 # trailer with live animals. Stop somewhere for dinner, stretch and feed the horses, get back on the road. Get to the campground just before dusk. Lock up the cell phones and ipods. Make a fire. Unload the horses. Get them fed and tied up and secured. And then…. relax. Sit around the fire and relax. Watch the stars. Listen to the fire crackle. Tell jokes. Talk about God. Talk about heart. Talk about whatever. Stay up late. Go do bed eventually… under the stars, or in a tent if necessary. Get up in the morning, cook breakfast on the fire. Get kids used to horses, do some ground work, do some saddle work, then go on some 20-30 minute rides with each kid. Get them to do something that takes confidence, requires them to let go, to try hard. Do some trust games with those back at the camp. Play a practical joke. Do something fun. Fish. At the end of the day, load everything up. Head back, grab dinner on the way back again. Unload at the farm, take kids home.

Ok, wow, if that’s not concrete, well then… wow, this is starting to become less of a concept and more of a real idea… even a plan….


Well, what’s next? Today’s word was persistence, and I am seeing my persistent request for God to develop this idea start to really come together. This is real.