I’m reading a book by Andy Stanley called Visioneering. Excellent book about not just leadership, but finding out who God made you to be, and what He made you to do, and how to get from “here” to “there.” Right now I’m reading all about that “wait and pray” phase that so often is right before the “give up because it must not be God’s will” phase. This post is a place for me to jot down quotes, thoughts, and things I learn from the book.

The basic building blocks of a vision:

  1. A vision begins as a concern.
  2. A vision does not necessarily require immediate action.
  3. Pray for opportunities and plan as if you expect God to answer your prayers.
  4. God is using your circumstances to position and prepare you to accomplish his vision for your life.

And some quotes and lessons as I go through the book.


  • We’ve forgotten who we are and where we came from.
  • “Visions are born in the soul of a man or woman who is consumed with the tension between what is and what could be
  • A dream is not a vision. “Vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be… Vision is a preferred future.”
  • “Nehemiah’s vision didn’t begin as a vision. It began as a concern, a burden. A burden for his nation and its people… So what did he do? Nothing. He did absolutely nothing. He didn’t steal away across the desert int he night. He didn’t fabricate a reason to leave Persia. He didn’t even share his burden with other concerned Jews. But neither did he allow his daily responsibilities to distract him from the burden that had gripped his heart… He chose to waitWhat could be and should be can’t be until God is ready for it to be.


  • “What can you do to keep your dream alive? Nehemiah did two things. He prayed and he planned… We see what we are looking for; we often miss what we don’t expect to see… Prayer keeps us looking. Prayer keeps the burden fresh. It keeps our eyes and hearts in an expectant mode.”
  • Dreamers vs. Visionaries: “Dreamers dream about things being different. Visionaries envision themselves making a difference. Dreamers think about how nice it would be for something to be done. Visionaries look for an opportunity to do something.”
  • “Think about this. If God could sway King Artaxerxes to finance the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem, he could certainly change the heart of those who stand between you and the vision God has given you. Humanly speaking, there was no way int he world King Artaxerxes was going to support Nehemiah’s vision. But prayer takes us well beyond human possibilities…Vision normally precedes jus about everything necessary to bring it into the sphere of reality.”
  • “New visions die easily. And understandably so. There is little to go on. Praying and planning willhelp you keep your vision alive…When your vision dies, part of you dies as well… Pray for the people who could help you launch your vision. And while you wait, plan! Develop a strategy. Dream on paper. Find the one or two things you can do and get busy.”