Interesting day. Lots of sub-stories these bullet points will trigger as I look back on today.

Can you find the one thing I didn’t really do?

  • Stuffed my phone under the pillow so I wouldn’t be able to hear the alarm go off. Overslept by an hour. “No, I’m not tired, really.”
  • Ate leftovers for breakfast that were probably 5 times better than whatever you scrounged up at the fast-food joint.
  • Spent the morning finishing up a financial forecast that involves capital M’s within 18 months.
  • Confidently discussed said financial forecast with a very interesting friend.
  • Touched base with my coach Mark Sturgell and reminded myself about the importance of goal planning – not just goal setting, but SMART goal PLANNING.
  • Forgot to pay for gas at the gas station. Good thing I wasn’t driving the truck!
  • Continued to find my way into what may be a very promising monthly contract for the next several months.
  • Spent some bonus time with my kids while Erin went to one of those Pampered Chef parties.
  • Got in half a day’s work after 7:30 PM.
  • Created a shopping cart feature I’ve rarely seen, especially for mom-and-pop type businesses.
  • Found a local yokel to help me butcher my chickens this week… and he even offered to buy some of them off of me.
  • Only one poopie diaper today, and that was 10 minutes ago.
That’ll do it.