A bullet point of a day. Not bad, just out of time to put complete thoughts together.

  • Worked through last month’s financials for C2IT. We started really measuring some things about 3 months ago and it’s helped set goals and know what is and isn’t working to achieve them.
  • Made a strategic business decision to cut ties with a rather long term vendor in order to solidify ties with one that is better suited for our business. Not easy, but also not really that painful once I faced it head on.
  • Spent about 6 hours of the day working for the Community Foundation of Morgan County. While most of what we were doing were small “tweaks” to their website, they gave it a great face lift and solidified a good new relationship with a client.
  • Came home to my family, played with my kids while Erin made biscuits and gravy with dip eggs, a favorite of the boys in this house.
  • Took Colton to boy scouts. We went to the fire station. It seemed like a couple hours, but was really only about 45 minutes. Those boys sure had fun! Someday I want to be a volunteer fire fighter. I really do.
  • Took a walk in the cold. With my son.
  • Tucked Colton into bed after feeding horses.
  • Had my wife ask me if she could help me with evening animal chores to spend time together and with our horses.
  • Watched some TV while wrapping up a cool community project for the Daily Audio Bible that should be released soon.
  • Pulled together some records for the new vendor that I’m meeting with tomorrow and realized that while we took a $40,000 + pay cut a few years back as we reinvented our business, my family is doing just fine. I’m looking forward to getting that money back, though.
  • Shared news of my exciting day with my wife. 
  • Shot a bear with a bow and arrow.
  • Changed a poopie diaper (or was it two?)
  • Checked outside for coyotes.
  • Ok, I didn’t really shoot a bear with a bow and arrow.
That’s good for today.