I’m currently reading The Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish. I need a place to write down some things to come back to and my blog seems like a decent spot to do so. This book is certainly geared towards business leadeship, but as I read it I see applications for all areas of my life, whether I’m leading, following, supporting, or even just observing.

Doing the Right Things Right

“Figure out what basic needs you can fill for a certain group of customers in a way that differentiates you from the competition and then what competencies your people need to meet those needs so that value is created for your shareholdes.” (25)

  • What is that “certain group of customers for me?” In business… in ministry… in life?
  • What are their basic needs? Not just their wants. Meeting these can drive you to bankruptcy.
  • Who is the competition?
  • What competencies do we need?

“Business is a constant process of balancing priorities, which is why the top paft of the model balances on the pinpoint vision of the company.”

Habit 1: Priorities

  • Consider the six circles as potential priorities… choose one on each side that needs the most attention at the moment. “get, keep, grow” and “better, faster, cheaper”
  • “Even though your firm may have issues within all six areas, you can only advance one of the areas on each side at a time… by giving momentum to one, you give momentum to them all.”

Habit 2: Data

  • You need metrics and measurement in all 6 areas – for example, a key measurement for marketing / business development is lead generation.

Habit 3: Rhythm

  • Daily, weekly rhythms are important.
These things feel so simple, yet as my coach Mark Sturgell has asked me, “if they’re so simple and so important, why aren’t they getting done?” I was thinking just the other day about priorities, and feel I’m getting a handle on those for this stage of life, although that may well change in two weeks. And that’s the point… it’s cyclical, ever changing, and a ride worth enjoying to it’s fullest.