Below are initial Goals and Priorities for the Social Development Section of my Action Plan. These are developed from my Social Development Self-Evaluation and Where I Am Now thoughts, and are idea-generators for real-life goals I may pursue. I still haven’t figured out how to totally prioritize these or “pick” which I will work on first. I suppose that I do that very thing in the last column, but still, with all the goals I’m setting in a variety of areas of my life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Oh well. I’ll just have to pick one anyways, I suppose.

This entire process of setting goals, while it takes time, really helps crystallize. Now I just need to make it an actual priority to make a goal an actual priority instead of wading around all this work!!!

Category Goal Priority
Become comfortable with incomplete thoughts   3
Gain Confidence in unfamiliar group social settings Place myself in unfamilar group social settings. Go into the event with a good answer to the question “what do you do” and be prepared to meet new people with 2-3 specific questions on a personal level. 1
Keep / Guide / Place conversations on the intended / relevant topic When leading a discussion, have an outline of key points / direction to take discussion. Review the outline immediately following the discussion and make notes on successes and areas where improvement is needed. 4
Become more familiar with relevant current events Find a relevant news source for local, and national news and review it on a regular basis 5
Become more famliar with events in the industries of my clients Pay attention in conversations with clients about their large customers, new technologies, or industry happenings, and then set up Google Alerts for these items. Review the items once a week, forward interesting information to clients to display interest, and make notes in their client file. 6
Develop conversational skills that incite responses Intentionally ask questions that do not have a Yes/No answer. For close friends, develop a question other than “how are you” that will incite a genuine response, and also develop my own genuine response to that very question that will stimulate conversation. Possibly, even consider the question at the beginning of every day, affirming how I am, who I am, and what I am here for. 2