We launched our campaign at www.fundable.com/me2u this week. Will you help us spread the word?


ME2U is a positive step in the evolution of mobile safety. We create a secure buffer through which coaches, pastors, teachers, mentors, and other youth leaders can safely text today’s youth. Through our platform, parents give permission for group leaders to text their children and can monitor all messages send back and forth between their kids and other adults invested in their lives. ME2U is founded on the values of safety, accountability, and persistent, positive input, and we’re excited about the opportunity to share our vision with the world.


Would you consider supporting our mission by sharing our story with your own circle of friends or joining our campaign at www.fundable.com/me2u  to raise funds and awareness to launch the system by the end of 2012? For a limited time, you can pre-purchase our system at a great discount and have a say in the final product as we bring the system to life.


I’d be more than happy to speak with you at any time and tell you more about why this is important to me how you can get involved.


Thanks so much,