MaKenna Running

I’m easily distracted. Multi-tasking is something I’ve found to be a two-edged sword. I can switch from an intensive project to a blip that must be dealt with and back again, but I can also easily be distracted down a rabbit trail that leads to no-where. I’ve come to understand you really can’t give two things 100% of your attention at the same time.

What I’m also realizing, though, is that not every goal requires 100% attention. Some of them require just enough to accomplish the task. So while you may not be able to DO 2 things at once, you can take steps to accomplish several important goals at once.

Take walking with my kids for an example. Recently I’ve had some knee issues and have not been able to take my dog for runs (another multi-goal exercise, actually). So I took my kids for a walk with the dog. Just look at all the things that helps me accomplish (in some sense of a prioritized list):


  1. Quality / Quantity time with my kids.
  2. Quality / Quantity time for my wife WITHOUT the kids (she gets them all day).
  3. Exercise for me
  4. Exercise for my dog
There’s also time to clear my head, time to engage with nature, time with God, and several other things, but those four things above really MATTER. They’re important, and they’re all accomplished simply by walking out the door with a wagon and a leash.