Small Biz Owners, I’m curious… if you use blogging to market your business but also love to blog / journal on the web, do you create two separate blogs, or somehow interweave them?

Last night I spent some good time in front of the TV working on some marketing brainstorming that found its way into some marketing goal planning and obstacle discovering.

My life feels like a complex interwoven web of tech, business, youth ministry and mentoring, and the occasional post about butchering chickens. It’s hard to tell where “I” end and “C2IT” begins. Do I keep my personal posts about goals and dreams separate from what I’m learning about the next thing in tech or how to build an e-commerce site that works for the small scale manufacturer? Or do I somehow interweave them, cut something out, or what?

I love to write. I love to share what other people have written. But the click-it-and-forget-it type of sharing to Facebook and Twitter seems to leave out the “permanence” factor that I like about blogs. The thing is, though, there’s a lot more people to “connect” with on those sites than hoping you get people to come to your blog or add your feed to their RSS reader.

I’m curious how you do it.