I have a little thing with hugs. With physical contact period. I long for it, yet am uncomfortable around it.

Friday, after a very wearing day, I finally had a few minutes alone before bed. I sat down on the kitchen floor, put my head in my hands, and finally just relaxed and let it all out for a couple minutes. I remember saying something like, “I would just love to be hugged, God. Freely, just given a real hug.”

Sunday morning after church it started. A pair of boys from the youth group, Ethan literally RAN up to me and have me a huge hug. Right after that, another. Later on, a full fledged hug from Tabi.

On monday, two girls came out to ride horses. Again, the hugs came as a pair, Tabi and Stevi. I was starting to get the message. These were direct from God, and just what I needed.

Then today, after lunch with a group of friends, 3 more. 2 from kids I may not see again for awhile but are now emblazoned on my heart, Stephen and Amber. And another from Tabi. And I felt finally free of something, to really hug back.

Loved it.

As I told Erin the whole story, starting with the prayer, tonite it made me tear up a little more. God gave me EXACTLY what I asked for, in a way far more personal and meaningful than I’d thought possible. Especially with how they seemed to come in pairs.

So to all of you, ET, Tabi, Stevi, Amber, Stephen and one more who I’ve gone blank on… Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul. God was hugging me, through you. You mean so much to me, and I love you.