I can’t remember if I typed this out or not yet, but I’ve decided I’m going to take up the invitation given to me by my old math teacher and visit the FCA meeting at PHS this Thursday morning. I don’t know what will come of it, but as I look back to how God led me to this point of making a decision, I truly believe He’s leading me down this path.

As I have mentioned this to a few people I have been encouraged by their excitement. Not about their promise to pray for me; that really doesn’t do it for me, but to actually see someone’s eyes light up with excitement when you tell them, out of the blue, about something you’re going to do that connects to something you just heard them praying about… WOW. That is encouraging.

That word – encouraging – has come to mean a lot more to me in recent months. Obviously it’s two words smashed together – “en” and “courage,” and I remember my Greek right, “en” has something to do with “being with”. So basically, the meaning I now take from this word is someone who comes along side me and imparts courage to me. They share their strength with me. It’s so much more than just putting a smile on your face and hoping it helps. It’s being part of someone else’s journey, partnering up with them and even buying in to the journey they are taking. It’s following up, listening, responding, and getting involved.

I am going to need courage for this thing on Thursday. This is something I’ve never done. This is something I don’t know the outcome of. This is something that thrills my soul … I don’t know why, it just does! Maybe it’s the adventure of something unknown. Maybe it’s the chance that this will grow into something else. Or maybe it’s “just” God living through me, and me finally being willing to Let Him.

This is the day that the LORD has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. I will rejoice and be courageous in it. I will rejoice and encourage others in it.