So I own 800 feet of prime Morgan County pond front. That’s how long it is if you walk the edge of my pond all the way across my property.

I set out yesterday to trim the tall grass around the pond. When I do trimming I typically just fill the gas tank and work till it runs out. I can’t do all my property in one day anyways – time and energy don’t allow it. So I’m getting near the end and wondering if I’m going to run out of gas before I finish… it has been long, hard work. And I ask myself, “What will I do? Will I stop short of my goal, or will I go get more gas and finish the job?”

I get to the end of the pond and am amazingly not out of gas. So I do like I always do and keep trimming, planning to go until I run out of gas. I run out of gas not FIVE FEET after I left the edge of the pond. And of course, what’s playing in my ears? A song by Lincoln Brewster about a passage in the book of Isaiah about God giving us strength to walk and not faint, run and not be weary, etc.

 I had just enough “gas” to do exactly what I set out to do and nothing more. I didn’t totally plan it, didn’t monitor it, and didn’t pray for it. It just happened.

God showed me that I can trust my trust.” Of course I can trust Him… He’s always faithful. But I’m not. Sometimes I doubt my trust IN Him. But if I will just set out, do the little things I know I need to, and not sweat the big stuff, He will come through…




That’s my story.