So yeah, we’re on our way to having another kiddo. Three months along, actually. We thought we’d take a sec to both share the good news and also request your prayers over Erin and her health during the next weeks and months. If you know the story of her pregnancy with Colton, you may have heard about our couple trips to the ER with blood pressure spikes. They never occured before her pregnancy, and haven’t been around since, until now. This time things seem a little different. Her blood pressure is up, but not up like crazy yet, but she has had some other weird episodes where her heart just “pounds” really hard for a few minutes, once up to almost an hour. She’s been to the ER once to get it checked out, but since she’s pregnant, there were only so many tests they could run (no X-Ray, CAT scan, etc.). Her obstetrician referred her to a cardiologist, which she should get in to see here in the next week or two.

So while we’re again floored with joy about the news of the baby doing fine and developing well, we covet your prayers during the next few weeks. We have a trip to DisneyWorld scheduled at the end of January, so are in prayers that she won’t get put on a sort of bed-rest that will keep her from going or enjoying the trip, even if it means I get to push her around everywhere we go.

Colton doesn’t know the news yet, and we’re going to try and keep it that way for a while.

So anyways, yeah… that’s the story. 🙂