I like this one.

My attitude is definitely under development… under construction. So many things have been identified that need to be torn down, and many things that need to be built in their place have become clear. I’ve severed some relationship ties, cut some ties that have held me back or added nothing to my life except stress and aggravation. I’ve set aside some habits and established some new ones. I’ve begun to recognize failure as not something to be feared, but to be accepted, embraced as part of the plan, and used as a powerful motivator toward success.

It’s still at an awkward stage, because much of this is theoretical for me and not all that practical. That or it’s so practical that I haven’t always made room for the flexibility that must be built in. But it’s developing.

My attitude of myself is changing much. I believe in me. I believe in my potential. I believe that I have something to offer, and that what I have to offer has value.

I believe in others, but the fact that they must reciprocate is not a necessity. There are many in my life that I can pour into but cannot expect to receive “what matters” back from them. I do need that, but I don’t need to get it from every possible source.

I understand I need to develop habits. I hope and pray that action follows attitude, but I believe that attitude will often follow action. I must put my beliefs into action to get them deep in my heart instead of just to the point where I “believe in them.” If I truly do believe in them, I’ll be able to get past feelings and into the realm where I’m willing to do that which I’m not totally comfortable with, because I know it’s right.

So yeah, this one is definitely under development and changing, and I enjoy it.