The Princess Effect… I wonder if there is a definition somewhere that puts into words the effect a woman’s heart has on a man, or a daughter’s heart has on a father. I’m not writing this to say I’m totally wrapped around my baby’s little finger yet (nor am I denying it), but I do want to get this down early in her life as a bit of a starting point of my feelings in her general direction.

A few people in my life know that I prayed quite sincerely for a daughter. For good reasons, too. Up until marriage my life has been a little lack in influence of femininity, and when one such man is thrown together with a woman in a dating relationship and later in marriage, it can make for a bit of a rough part. How do you keep pursuing her once you’ve “got” her? How do you make her feel special when life becomes a list of to-do’s? Where is love in routine