Well, Intuit QuickBooks… I told your customer service rep that I’d let my friends know you offered me a deal last week for $60 off the upgrade you forced me into on your software, only to offer me $150 off plus a free mobile charger one week later. 

So I call to see if you can match the deal and your rep’s only response was to cancel the entire order, re-purchase it, re-install it, and then you’ll give me that extra bit of cash and a charger. 

Not. Worth. My. Time. But it’s well worth my time to share my story and possibly help someone else.

P.S. Yes, I upgraded to an even MORE expensive version of your software a couple weeks ago (Pro Plus instead of Pro). So you’d think I was an even MORE valuable customer, not just another number in your annual list of people forced to upgrade to get their payroll rules.