Praise God, my Grandfather has gone home! He went peacefully tonight about 15-20 minutes ago (9:30?) I was outside praying for this very thing as he breathed his last breath.

I went outside about 9:25 tonight. Decided to talk to God out loud and “release and complete” this earthly relationship. I told him goodbye, I told him I’d see him soon, and I claimed God promise that His will is our sanctification, and there was no more possibility for my grandfather to be more set apart than to go home this very night. I went in the house, almost KNOWING it was going to be tonight, that I’d be awoken in the middle of the night to find out he’d gone home.

But NOOOO!!! God took him WHILE I was in that prayer, or immediately after it. I’m totally serious. I walked in the door, and my mom was on the phone 5 minutes later. Such an answer to prayer.

My grandpa loved to go up on his grain silo and sing “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” at the top of his lungs on clear summer mornings. I can already see him scaling the gate of heaven with that same SHOUT!!!!!!