Monday mornings are interesting. The weekend is never long enough to get everything done, and the week ahead also appears too short to get everything important done. The thing is, though, that’s often the case because I simply don’t know what needs to get done, or what’s really important.

My mind jumps almost immediately to, “Well, make a list then!” And while that would work, it’s a temporary fix, and one I’d have to do every single week, IN THE MOMENT OF URGENCY.

The truth is, I know what needs to be done, mostly. There IS a routine, I have a team of people around me doing good work, and one of my top priorities nowadays has to be to simply stay on top of those big rock priorities, making sure they get done, and filling in the space with the week-to-week changes that occur.

A routine isn’t the same thing as a plan, though… is it? If they are the right routine tasks, then sure, but I don’t think that’s what I have scheduled. What I schedule are the little things, the exceptions, and I let them rule the day.

I need to shift this train of thought a bit.

Father, I trust you with the big things. This doesn’t remove me from walking through them, but it leaves the results of things bigger than me out of my control, and I am OK with that. In fact, I can’t live with anything BUT that. I trust you, I need you, and I thank you. What’s around the corner? I’m not sure… but I know that every time I’ve asked that question out of worry and stress, it only leads to more worry, stress, and not-so-great performance. When I give you the future, when I do what I know needs to be done, you have ALWAYS come though. Every single time. And so I leave that with you now, also. I may not be able to get every important thing done today, but I can do what you have for me today, today. You’re not a task master, but a heart deliverer. Free my heart to serve others, to love you, and to draw others to love you through that service and love.

I trust you. I want to trust you. More, and even at all.