I am tired. I don’t know but perhaps it’s been such a full week I need to refresh. For now, some memory joggers for later.

  • Talked to the neighbor kid about his drummer. He sees where I’m coming from, what my complaint is, and where we can compromise.
  • Played quite a bit of softball; had a blast, and finished strong.
  • Helped Erin husk and freezer-prep 2-3 bushels of sweet corn.
  • Brought in another key spot to our Sunday School leadership team that we’ve been praying for. PERFECT FIT, I think.
  • Made it through the weekend of softball without compromising my desires but at the same time refusing to allow any conflict of interest with other “real” priorities.
  • Made some serious progress on projects, alone and with help: retaining wall, garden fence, mowing grass.
  • Talked to my next door neighbor.
  • Prayed with my wife and feel leading / direction with her mother.
  • Rode horses… by my self, with my son, and with my wife.
  • Had lunch with a TON of friends today. I am so blessed.
  • And now, blogging for just a minute to jog the memory later on. And then 42 minutes of Jack Bauer and my elliptical machine.
  • Note to self: also need to recount the story with the horses gone missing a few months ago.

What I didn’t do:

  • I need to find a way to get my Bible reading in on the weekend instead of playing catchup on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Prayer. Prayer. Prayer.