GOOOOO Jimmie!

Yesterday I wrote about my dad’s name being on Jimmie Johnson’s race car at the Prelude to the Dream charity race at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio. Jimmie led all 30 laps, including the one that won him the race.

Several Children’s Hospitals were the beneficiaries of the race, which I think is cool, with the whole honoring dad’s thing:

Jimmie didn’t have / take time to practice before the race, hadn’t been on dirt in a while, and wound up with a bruised and battered car, but he finished strong. Isn’t that a lot like fatherhood? You don’t get a practice run at being a dad, you hit experiences you have no idea how to handle, and you’re going to get hurt by, and probably hurt, those you love the most. But in the end, you accomplish something great.

Good job Jimmie. Good job dads. You’ve made at least 480 of your sons and daughters proud.

Below are some pictures from the race. You can’t read the names on the car, but they are there.