I’ve written before about how much i liked Jason Gray’s song, Remind Me Who I Am. It has been a great encouragement to me, and one of those affirming voices in the back of my head that helps me see God saying, “I’m proud of you, son,” or simply, “I love you.” However, after some time spent thinking this week and talking with my wife and some men I respect, I’m coming to a new perspective on this song, and others like it.

It’s holding me back.

I’ve been able to step back and look at my life from the outside through the eyes of those I trust this week, and realized there is much growing up I have to do, and that some of the things I put into my ears and in front of my eyes are supporting my childish mannerisms. For instance, to use this song as an example, if I am constantly in need of God reminding me who I am (beloved, forgiven, free, etc.), then I don’t have the confidence, the bravery, or the ______ to step out and say to God, “OK, I believe that. You’ve said it about me and I believe it’s true. So now I am going to ACT like it’s true.” Instead I come running back, asking God for help, safety, and the proverbial “open door” for me to walk right through.

I am of the opinion that God would much rather see me bashing down the gateways of Hell than waiting for an open door, a visible aura, and a choir of angels pointing the way.

Because God BELIEVES in me. He TRUSTS me. He’s given me every spiritual blessing IN CHRIST and want’s me to get off my butt and get to work.

One of the affirmations I have developed for myself is that “I am a son of God, brave and courageous.” I’m ready to change that. I’m ready to move from being God’s child to being his MAN. I want to live my life as a man of God, not forever in child-like faith.

I am a man of God, a trusted ambassador for the King, and an obedient servant of the Most High God. I do his bidding AT his bidding, and will seek out, discern, and accomplish the mission He has given me throughout the course of my life.

Now THAT get’s me moving. And it’s just as true as “I’m God’s child…” perhaps even more true. I’m sure the time will come to plead for rescue, to be reminded of who I am, or to simply admit defeat, regroup, and try again. But this is not THAT day.

Solo Deo Gloria. And as William Wallace said so boldly in Braveheart, “I’m going to pick a fight.”