Well, it’s been a minute. Or a couple years. My journalling seems go go in fits. I started this month off rather strong in my handwritten journal, but the opportunity to write is primarily in the evenings before I head to bed, and writing by hand while laying in bed just doesn’t result in much. Maybe if we get a little desk up here it will work, but the truth is, if I’m not journalling I’m probably going to be looking at screen anyways on my phone, so why not just drag the computer up. I think I can stay away from email, facebook, and work.

Today was day two of meetings with David, the owner of [redact]NextGen Restoration in Florida.[/redact] Yesterday we went from 10-5 and then had dinner out, and today we went from 9-3. Needless to say, that was a LOT of people time for this guy. I think we had some great meetings and accomplished our goal of digging into understanding the business, identifying some priorities, and getting everyone on the same page that will be caring for this going forward.

Colton has been “not feeling well” lately a LOT. Hard to tell if it’s an excuse, stress, or if something else is wrong. We went out today and did chores, and then had a couple fun wrestling matches in the mud under the stars and also in the horse arena. Both were good places for throw-downs.

Got a lot of things done lately. Don’t see the need to journal about them, but it matters enough to make a list.

  • Got the personal budget going again and up to date since January 1.
  • Recorded all farm expenses since we started.
  • Recorded all rental income and expenses since we started.
  • Established a business budget for our 950K goal for the year.
  • Sizable client for Steve to dedicate some time to.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been listening to Rhett and Link’s deconstruction podcasts about their journeys from faith. While I’m not in the same place as them, I appreciate their open-ness, and the willingness to ask the questions we aren’t supposed to ask means something.

Well, that’s enough for now. Let’s see how to protect these things so I don’t have the whole world reading everything I write.