Today was the best Father’s Day ever.

Hit snooze a few times and slept in, since the rest of the family was sound asleep.

Went to church on my own after getting the kids out of bed 10 minutes before it was time to leave.

Taught teens about trustworthy fathers (there’s really only one, you know).

Got a text from Erin: “Colton wants to take you to El Meson (his favorite place) because he knows you love it when we all go together.”

Got greeted by flying leaps in the church foyer from my kids after church let out.

Lunch at my son’s favorite restaurant with my family.

Came home, tucked kids in for nap, and found some coffee.

Got a text. 

Headed off for a nice 15 mile bike ride over the hills and through the woods, partly to clear my head, and partly just because.

Broke a wheel, 7 miles from home. Aforementioned awesome family came and picked me up, and we packed everyone and the bike back in the car.

Immediatly upon returning home, took my kids and the dog for a walk. Let the dog help pull the wagon. Crashed the wagon with MaKenna in it. Slight head damage. Slight.

Came home. Mowed the yard and caught my kids waving crazily at me every few minutes. Waved back.

Broke mower belt. Again.

Ate special blueberry cobbler with family on deck. Forgot to mention previously that I enjoyed the experience of introducing my daughter to ribs.

Put kids in bed. 

And I think that’s about it.