slider - mak on a tractorWell, that was an expedition! Took my two kids into town today for some work at our church as we prep for a week of VBS with some tweens followed by lunch and a shopping trip. How my wife does things like this on a daily basis, I hope to never know (although being able to understand and appreciate it would be nice). “Crazy” comes nowhere near an accurate description, even though the kids were, I think, on pretty good behavior. There’s just so MUCH to be watching out for. MaKenna more than anything. She either has to be lugged around the store in my arms (which gets heavy), walking around on her own (with things she thinks I need to buy calling her name), or parked in the cart asking when she can be released to one of the other two spots.

I wouldn’t trade this day for anything, though. I came home to a house not all that different than when I left, except for the smell of cooked cabbage (which is not something I am tremendously fond of). The thing is, though, that smell meant that my wife had had about 5-6 hours of time on her own to do something she hopefully enjoyed without the “routine” of crazy that is our family (self included, I suppose).

It’s almost been 14 years of marriage here at the Cromer household, with over half of that invested in the lives of our kids and others who have temporarily lived in our home. I wouldn’t trade this for anything.

On a side but related note – it breaks my heart to no end to see fathers throw this away. To toss their family to the curb because they’ve fallen out of love or can’t take it anymore. To run off for a new adventure and leave those who thought they were just getting started alone and bewildered, wondering where they stand. Those left behind can certainly move on, but you really never “get over” that type of thing, do you? You can get through it and become a much better person, but to be honest, you still kinda sorta get your hopes up (for what, I don’t know), only to have the realities of character and changed priorities smack you against the rocks again.

Such is crazy. Such is life. One of my statements of truth hanging on my bathroom mirrors states that I will be (and that I am becoming) a man quick to apologize and even quicker to forgive. A man who will find the best in people and assume that those who say they love me truly do, regardless of those blips that make you cringe.

Anyways… yeah, THAT was a rabbit trail. On ANOTHER, more exciting, side note, I’ve discovered that my daughter likes to call me her father. Not “just” her daddy (which rocks, of course), but somewhere, she picked up this “Father” word. Probably from Father’s day, and it will probably be gone before I know it, but I’ll bask in it while she can. She also says things like “You saved my life!” These, along with her fondness for snuggling up in my recliner, are just a few of the reasons I simply love having a daughter at this stage of life. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.