I’ve got a list of life-long dreams around here somewhere, and it’s about time I get it out and look it over again, but today I spent some time thinking through some of the things I really want to accomplish this year. The list below is preliminary and probably needs to be whittled down or refined for the 10.5 months that remain of 2012, but it’s a starting point – which, by the way, was an action step toward the goal of developing key goals to accomplish this year… STA

  1. Run an obstacle course, probably the Warrior Dash.
  2. Launch the me2u website
  3. Give myself a raise.
  4. Organize and help lead a youth retreat.
  5. Bring in someone – hire or contract – to do a good bit of our programming / coding work.
  6. Go for a whole weekend camping / horse trip.
  7. Remodel a room in our home.
  8. Hit a home run at softball, as in a home run where the ball goes over the fence.
  9. Lead someone to jesus.
  10. Take each of my kids on an overnight trip, just the 2 of us.
  11. Take my wife on a trip, just the 2 of us.
  12. Take a step towards learning becoming a counselor for families and teens.
  13. Find a training partner with similar goals (at least on the physical side, but who knows, others as well)
You know, maybe that really ISN’T that bad of a list. It covers a very broad spectrum of my life – most of the “pieces of the pie” if you can all it that, and none of them are all that “pie in the sky” dreamy, either. Drat. Now I have pie on the brain. It’s a good thing I’m settled on limiting myself to a bowl of cereal for the rest of the night.
So yeah, I’m putting this out there. If you’d like to share life with me by helping me develop these, by holding me to my goals, or even by coming along side me and achieving them together WITH me, I’d love to have you along for the ride.